Getting a Divorce at any time is stressful, emotional, and just hard on all parties, especially when children are involved. If you have not made the decision to divorce at this time, counseling may be the perfect next step.  

If you have made the decision to move forward with divorcing it is usually best to sell the home first before divorcing if possible. If you are in the process, we will work with and cooperate with the attorneys as needed.

Possible options

  1. One party buys out the other party by getting a new mortgage for the other parties equity.
  2. One party uses and occupies the home, usually until the youngest child reaches 18 or an agreed upon age. Then the house may be sold.
  3. Sell the home and divide the equity.

Keep in mind that all divorces are not amicable. It is always best when the parties can communicate and reach an agreement. Selling before the divorce proceedings often has a better outcome for both parties. Your goal is to have a smooth transaction and get the most money from the sell of the home. When the courts are involved with the sale you will be in a legal battle with someone else making the decisions. Agreeing on division takes less time than a court case, costs less money and less heartache than a legal battle.

You will need a Realtor with experience in handling divorce Real Estate Sales. That’s where we can help yo,u. We are experienced, we are great mediators and negotiators, we will not take sides, we remain neutral. We communicate with both parties.  We present the facts and explain your options, while caring about your family.  We want what is best for all parties involved. We want the best price and terms for you, with the least amount of stress possible.

Things to think about:

1. Who will stay in the home while it is for sale? Both Parties or just one?

2. Who will pay the bills? Such as mortgage payment and utilities.

3. How will maintenance be handled? Such as keeping the lawn mowed and

    making any needed repairs.

4. Who will clean the home and have it ready for showings?

We will help you through every step of the process from start to closing and beyond.

We will even help you buy your new home.

We are here to help you and your family at this difficult time.

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